E-rickshaw Battery

e-rickshaw batteries

E-rickshaw range batteries has been specially developed and designed for e-rickshaws that requires daily charge and discharge cycle. Plates are designed in such a manner that provides larger surface area for high performance. Plates are covered in thicker glass mats with low resistance PE ensuring less shedding and more life. Its unique features ensure maximum performance which in turn translates to better savings for the e-rickshaw owner.

Choosing a right battery for your e-rickshaw is a crucial task because it acts as the lifeline of your e-rickshaws. So, while searching for a good e-rickshaw battery, you will surely hear about India's best battery manufacturer, Vacuna which supplies one of the top E-rickshaw batteries in Rajasthan.

If you compare E-rickshaw battery prices in Rajasthan, you will come to know about our durable e-rickshaw batteries that come at affordable prices. Assuring brand assurance of quality and performance, Vacuna e-rickshaw batteries can result in better savings and come loaded with new and innovative features. Get yourselves a new e-rickshaw battery now and enjoy smooth rides with power-packed batteries.

ER 1300
ER 1400
ER 1500
ERJ 140
ERT 130
ERV 120